Music and dance

Music and dance

We create music and dance hits from scratch.

The AMP production center will help you create a unique stage performance: unique dance performances, musical hits and concert numbers that will blow up the audience. You won't just get a song or dance, you'll get a powerful tool for career development.
Our services
Voice production
Music creation and recording
Mixing and mastering
Aartist promotion
Creation of dance compositions
Track pitching

AMP - full-cycle production center

Why choose us
Our team includes professional vocalists and choreographers who have won numerous international awards.
We know the trends in the dance and vocal industry.
With us, you will realize your potential, win the love of fans and grow professionally.

The full-cycle production center AMP has brought together talented and creative specialists who are ready to bring any musical and dance idea to life, which will soon become a hit, exciting the soul of listeners and viewers.

The AMP team is ready to offer its clients the preparation of turnkey concerts, as well as the creation of music and dance compositions. We take care of all organizational matters, from choosing a venue and communicating with the organizers to arranging and rehearsals. We pay maximum attention to every detail of your performance to create a unique atmosphere.

Directing and voice production are important aspects in the music industry that contribute to an artist's success. We will help you control the quality of vocals and offer individual techniques that will help you unlock the performer's potential. Related areas related to directing and voice production may include audio production, sound engineering, music composition and arrangement. In order to create a high-quality musical product, all these aspects must be taken into account.

In addition, we are ready to help with the promotion of the artist; it is important to take into account the target audience and the characteristics of the genre. Our music managers can develop a plan that includes using social media, creating press releases, organizing concerts and participating in music festivals.

Each project we work on receives an individual and high-quality approach. We completely immerse ourselves in the idea, discuss the client's wishes and requirements, organize creative activities to create and develop music and dance hits.


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